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Our Goal:

To help you to pass the CFE exam in the most efficient and professional way.

Authorized Trainer

Kurt Ramin, CFE, CPA, CEBS

• Director, KPR Associates, Düsseldorf and Dubai
• former Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), New York and
Director, IFRS Foundation, London
• Treasurer, International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), Gland, Switzerland
• Member of the EU Commission’s High Level Expert Group on Intangibles, Brussels

Prior Classes and Review Courses taught:

College of Insurance, New York

PwC Academy, Dubai

Guest Lecturer at Columbia University and SP Jain School of Global Management

Latest Publications:

The impact of fraud in fluctuating currencieswww.cpa2biz.com (2014)

Fraught Fight, http://www.thecfome.com/business-insights/fraud-fight/ (2016)

Look at 

www.acfe.com for further publications by Kurt Ramin:

or just google: Kurt Ramin

Other members of our Team

Discussion about the CFE Prep Course in Frankfurt with Robert Kilian, President, ACFE Germany and ACFE Germany Members Ralf Neese and Kurt Ramin.

or "Zertifizierung"

Stephan Damhorst.  Stephan is an independent IT and cloud computing expert, coach and book author. He has assisted  businesses for more than 10 years in their secure path into the cloud and advises on the development of sustainable cloud strategies and implementation of ISAE3402 compliant IT transition projects - " from practice - for practice" .

Dr Andreas Knaus is Managing Director of LINJAL.
He holds a PhD in Economics and a Diploma as Electrical Engineer. Dr. Knaus wrote his PhD thesis about insurance fraud.

Why Us?

Kurt Ramin, CFE, CPA, MBA, CEBS is a member of ACFE and the ACFE, German Chapter.

kpr-associates are the authorized trainers to teach CFE courses for the German territory.

We have access to a global             network of trainers.

We presented at several ACFE           conferences, e.g. in Dubai and         Amsterdam.

We bring the best resources to         the review class.

Other members of KPR                    Associates add value  to the            course.

We co-operate with Mr. Iyad Mourtada, one of the most successful CFE trainers globally.

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