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Consulting - Advisory - Review Courses

Registration Fee: (early Bird)                        Euro  2,738 plus VAT

5 days in Frankfurt, Germany, November 13 to Nov, 17, 2017*

Groups: Please contact info@kpr-associates.com for in-house and group pricing. 

Contact us regarding credit for an earlier/already purchased version of an ACFE prep-course.           

* Register as soon as possible: You immediately will receive the online prep-course from ACFE to practice multiple choice questions and tests.

You will be ready for the review course and you will pass with ease during the week of the review course in Frankfurt.

Our support  for you (learning tips and administration with ACFE) starts at registration time and continues for 90 days after the CFE Exam Review Course.                                                                                                       

Fees of the Exam Review Course include:

  • 5 days of training and Test Administration and Exam Fee plus assistance with the application at ACFE.com
  • ACFE Training Materials and Exam fees (a value of over $  1.000)
  • First  Year  Associate Membership with the ACFE (a value  of $195)
  • First Year Membership with ACFE Germany (a value of Euro 60)