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The CFE Review Course

We will provide you with the perfect preparation for the CFE exam

Your Benefits

Structured Learning

Schon vor dem 5-tägigen Kurs unterstützt Sie der Trainer individuell bei der Vorbereitung auf das Examen

Intensive Programm

Das 5-tägige Intensivprogramm bietet eine umfassende Wiederholung und Festigung aller Themenfelder des CFE Examens

Trainer-led Learning

Als persönlicher Ansprechpartner bietet Ihnen der Trainer effizientes und effektives Lernen.


You can get help from other CFE candidates and the trainer to better process your exam papers.

Interactive Learning

Führen Sie offene Diskussionen zu verschiedenen Themen in der Lerngruppe und mit dem Trainer.

On-site online Exam

Nach jedem Lernabschnitt können Sie die zugehörige Prüfung des Examens ablegen und im Bedarfsfall auch wiederholen

Content of the course

Investigative Techniques

  • planning the investigation

  • Interview theory and application

  • Data analysis and reporting tools

  • Analyzing documents

  • Tracking Illegal Transactions

  • reporting standards

  • sources of information

  • Computer Forensics

  • Covert investigation

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Fraud Prevention & - deterrence 

  • understand behavior

  • economic crime

  • corporate governance

  • management tasks

  • responsibilities of

  • Auditors

  • Fraud Prevention Programs

  • ACFE Code of Professional Ethics

  • Fraud Risk Assessment

  • Fraud Risk Management

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Fraud Law

  • Overview of the US legal system

  • Legal Rights of Employees

  • prosecution for fraud

  • Proof

  • law related to

  • Fraud

  • Testify as an expert

  • civil justice system

  • securities fraud

  • money laundering

  • bankruptcy fraud

  • taxation

Financial transactions and fraud schemes

  • cash receipts

  • intellectual property theft

  • consumer fraud

  • Fraudulent Payouts

  • Check and Credit Card Fraud

  • accounting concepts

  • Fraud in the financial statements

  • Computer and Internet Fraud

  • bribery and corruption

  • procurement fraud

  • inventory and others

  • financial assets

  • Fraud with financial institutions

  • Healthcare Fraud

  • insurance fraud

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Next CFE Exam Review Course: March 18th - 22th 2024

in Düsseldorf or via Zoom. Subsequent course from April 8th to 12th

For special conditions or in-house training please call:+49 171 30 49 778

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